OpTiCaL iLlUsIoN 3

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Author schmidty563
Tags author:schmidty563 n-art rated
Created 2005-12-28
by 11 people.
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Description third one of the set, check out the other ones too. Rate, comment, enjoy!

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2 prongs! No 3 prongs! NO NO NO 2 prongs! ARGH!!!


Not bad, although you could have made it better.


the perspective is a little off. the main right hand edge should be at the same angle as the three prongs, if you were to draw a line across them. the bottom and middle prong just need to go to the right a bit more and be made a little shorter. all three prongs should be the same length. but hey im just splitting hairs lol nice work

It's a joke

Those words don't even exist.....Geez

V is way too serious


This is impossible to make.One is from the side ONLY
The other one is from down side ONLY
And the third is upside ONLYGood work though 4/5


Nice job and all: 4/5

Oh, and.....yeah.....