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Author Sunset
Tags action author:sunset unrated
Created 2014-05-26
Last Modified 2014-05-26
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Description also frightened

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the way i feel he's so gay you knew very well tomorrow i shall have you by my side seen your video i told her she was alright


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Hi I don't understand, you mean my remake of this one -you only just noticed? Its because I think its OK to publish other people's maps remakes or not, if giving credit (and showing what u changed). Once you publish a map 'anyone' can view it anyway. Btw 'author title' account was made by someone to publicise some numa maps on Nv2, I made author title 2 account though and some remakes of maps I like

Dude or Dudette...

I've come to really enjoy your pathways. Your tiles kinda inspire me... I may have to try to build something soon...
awkward, something like that. The bottom is very good though.
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second or third try
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improved run

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Neat map

I really enjoyed the bottom section, though the top section seemed disconnected from the map. Still, fun map!
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but I wish you had just extended the bottom one ways out one because they'd serve the same function while giving a visual cue of "hey, you can land here easily." Really dug the rocket room, wasn't too hooked on the topside.
to just win it and the top bit doesn't play out as well as I thought it might. (hard/not neat) I also have an idea for the bottom left, check out cause I think this could be a really cool map. link:


I've tripped too much on the tiles at the end what the hell is going on there anyways

  • Hidden one-ways are cool
  • Thwumps are hard
  • rocket room lacks hidden oneways
  • spaced out gold is tough
  • tiles are okay I guess
  • your map is forever unrated
  • no one should call you a dreamer

Maybe I am you got a problem with that?
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