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Author Pixelwiz
Tags author:pixelwiz dothack unrated
Created 2014-06-07
Last Modified 2014-06-07
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Map Data

Description Kite ran through the desert, pursued by Tetra Armor and an Ogre. It seemed that no matter where he ran, he kept running into monsters. as he kept running, he accidentally opened another portal to reveal two Hell Hounds. He turned around and kept running. "This is no place for a level 18 to be in!" he thought to himself. He had somehow stumbled upon a level 30 field while combining random keywords. As he ran, he saw a strange object sitting on a rock not far from his location. He walked over to it and it began jumping up and down, and it screamed "Oh No Melon!" as he drew near. He picked it up and the following message appeared on his computer screen:

You now have Oh No Melon. It is added to Key Items.

"Perfect," he said. "This is just what I needed for my Grunty!" With a smile on his character's face, he gated out and went back to Dun Loireag.

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lol spoiler fail, what the hell happened to BBCode?





Self reminder: Do not argue with DaggaFork, he can get juuuuuust a bit aggressive >.>

Do not post that on any of my maps again, I don't care for politics on a website, and I do not need it on my map. Thanks.

ye, awkward.

ah well, will make something better when i'm up for it
The excess and random gold + mines on the outside do detract from the map, some of the mines + tiles are pretty awkward (such as to the right of the door key). Drone also likes to just block your path in for a bit, which might be annoying. Tiles are neat, aim for more simplicity and pattern in objects.

Demo is boring, uninteresting completion.
Demo Data

Demo Data