Chimney Challenge #2

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Author Hyperactive_Knucklehead_Ninja
Tags author:hyperactive_knucklehead_ninja chimney race speed unrated
Created 2014-06-16
Last Modified 2014-06-16
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Description Another hard chimney


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One frame from perfect (assuming Dagga fbf'd it properly) I can't beat that and spent more time than this map warranted getting the 42f demo!

Beat me on one these maps and I'll be impressed, otherwise you're just a good button basher ;) [] [] []


Pai Mei I beat u again!!! Think u can beat me??? i just beat my own record it was 39 and now its 38 oh yeah baby!!!


sr mode..
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Had no idea your accounts got disabled. I was wondering why you made your third account.

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Oh ok

Did not check before commenting, sorry.

Yeah, you has not already Zoltrix? Why a new one?

Welcome to NUMA

Nice challenge, but the laser doesn't do much so it just feels like a normal chimney map.
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Demo Data