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Author Guitar_Hero_Matt
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Created 2014-06-18
Last Modified 2014-06-18
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Description "Well gentlemen, crippling government debt still threatens to blah blah blah bond markets blah blah blah freeze access to credit and crush the planet in brutal depression."

"We've got to create new money!" "Yes, and flood the markets with it!"

"But that's what we did last time! And the time before that. I thought that this time we could implement sensible fiscal reform and allow prices to once again reflect their intrinsic value rather than... um..."



"zzzz... print money." "Yes, let's flood the markets with digital money." "Like a money bazooka! Pew pew!" "No! It's more like... thooomp." "Ugh, you got me." "Pwaaaaah... money."

"But what about the colossal debt?!"

"Zombie banks!"

"Ugh, again?"

"Debt, debt, debt, debt, debt, debt, debt, debt."

"Ugh, yeah, you guys are probably right. We'll do it your way."

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"Guys, I'm sure that our only way is to support economy. But do you want to risk inflation by getting more money to the system, or just stay in recession?"

"Of course inflation, I guess we need to print more money."

"And don't forget to give money to zombie banks."

"I agree, They are too big to fail, so better lend them money even if we know they will never pay back. Nobody else will lend them money anyway."

"Wait, we will have even more debt if we will do this"

"Shut up, everybody in this world is in debt, let's keep the global casino working"

"Yeah, Central banking is hard..."