Filthy Sewers

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Author StreetsAhead
Tags abstract author:streetsahead filthy munted race rated
Created 2014-06-27
Last Modified 2014-06-27
by 5 people.
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Description Oh dear god that's manky.
Really abstract. No enemies.
Also, a question. My N client has this weird bug where sometimes if I edit a map and press insert or delete, the little menus that pop up start flashing and I can't place anything. And re-opening N won't fix it. Only way I've found to fix is to restart the computer, and if it does it again, then you have to restart again. It's really common and I can't map with it... (seriously, the last map I made, I restarted about 7 times in the making of it).

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Agree with fingersonthefrets

Haha RandomDigits

Slightly off :P look at the demo lol
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not bad! flow gets a bit too sketchy in parts, but there's some cool bits. I liked the long horizontal jump across the bottom especially. Felt a little strange, but that moment of relative stillness gave a nice breather that you don't often find in race maps. Brings a little more variation in rhythm
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nice map!

sub-300 run
Demo Data

weird flow

but interesting in some places

Feels like Parkour

Demo. I know you guys might miss some gold, but I can't fix it otherwise I gotta restart the computer and I'm really fucking tired anyways.
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