Streets Races: Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion

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Author StreetsAhead
Tags author:streetsahead race rated
Created 2014-07-05
Last Modified 2014-07-05
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description New race series has begun. I'll upload probably half of the maps to Numa, and then release a map with all of the maps in the description. However I haven't decided as of yet.

This series is going to be about some of my favourite songs and a map put towards them (you may have noticed most of my recent maps have had song titles, but this series will only include races and maps made from this map onwards). The races will probably reflect the songs somehow.

This map is based on a song by Meshuggah. Normal-ish flow with a bit of a clunky feel. Enjoy!

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Nice series

Keep up
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I like this, flowed well and I don't know if its just my poor abilities but there were some close calls which I enjoyed. 5

Loved it

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No worries

I can wait.


Your turn:

Nice run!

I'll get to workon your DED and userbar.
Btw I haven't forgotten about our collab. My internet was capped or the last few weeks.
blowing your brains out :P I liked the rocket where it was and didn't want to move it.


Really got nothing to critisize except i'm not sure what purpose the last locked door serves 5/5 []
I'm no good at making race maps.

Im up for a collab

Do you want me to start or did you want to?

Hell yeah

Bleed is awesome. I'm a drummer, so listening to that double bass drum is just mind boggling.

a lot of fun

the flow is very intuitive. great work!

PS - is the song "bleed" or "combustion"? i love those songs.
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