Hallway in Harm's Way

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Author Guitar_Hero_Matt
Tags author:guitar_hero_matt destroy lasers rated them with
Created 2014-07-05
Last Modified 2014-07-05
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description Hey look, a map that isn't symmetrical.

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Nice map!

Well positioned laser drone, it even matches tiles aesthetically.

good lord

fantastic 4.5^

let's collaborate!

give my archive a peek
as usual, your sense of aesthetics is spot on. the laser worked great with the tiles, i liked the jumper-action hybrid feel to the map.
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Cool map

I really liked jumping through the tunnels and dodging the lasers.


pretty fun...
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Standard laser/tunnel map, except it's vertical. Some fun jumps, but on the whole it was very stop/start for me. Maybe I have bad timing.

Good to see you back though. :)

oh neat you still map. this was fun



Oh my.

Simply too attractive.

Seriously, awesome look.




It's a bit short and easy, but I like it.
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