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Author Barabajagal
Tags author:barabajagal baraba barabajagal unrated
Created 2014-07-12
Last Modified 2014-07-12
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Description trop

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I miss you.

Come back. *puppy dog eyes*


Seriously. Lemme know if you wanna collab or something, I'm kinda really into making levels again and I'm putting together a little pack.

Hmm, I dunno.

Part of me loves it, and it's good chaotic fun, but getting out on the left is just too much of a difficulty spike for me. I like the climb with the chaingun, but I never get to do it, cuz I always die trying to catch a lift on that thwump . . . .

And it's lovely to see you!


so close
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Well this is insanely difficult. Strange layout too. Couldn't finish it, though I managed to get the door key.


Gonna play it now