15-02:the pass of nair-kaan

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Author Epic4ever
Tags action author:epic4ever epic4everpack unrated
Created 2014-07-14
Last Modified 2014-07-14
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Map Data

Description Where are we Iras?*
Near to the doorway of hell...
Can you can you see?
No, but we must press on... What is that?
Howling... It's coming from everywhere!
Naroth... Run!

Running fast, chased by the Naroth, they face the avalanche

What's that? The ground...!
It's an avalanche!!
No, hold on! Help me!

Are there any injured? Are you well, my friend?

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The right half is lacking. AGD
Demo Data


Ain't that how it goes these days....

Okay that was lame

I thought I was allowed to get ONE of those switches safely. I am enjoying this, though.

Ah, and here's a vaguely respectable all-gold. I wish the gold by the gauss weren't quite so close to the mines, but this was fun! I liked the journey back a lot.
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