24-1: Flashback

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Author macrohenry
Tags action author:macrohenry bounceblocks lasers medium series unrated
Created 2014-07-21
Last Modified 2014-07-21
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description Lasers + bounce blocks = <3

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agd - 1

really, really fun!
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The enemies are absolutely perfect! I really like your style, and I've played too many of your maps without commenting. It's always impressive to me when a highscorer makes maps because you guys tend to have such a great technical understanding of mechanics.


I seriously am really bad at this map, seriously.
I'll replay it tomorrow and try to post my run and my critique, anyhow, you know is an awesome map, the laser combo and its timing is just great, but you know, I'm too bad at dodging a combo of lasers while collecting gold in an unstable bounceblock field. :P I'll try again tomorrow.
Can't you give the link to NReality maps, please?
Also, do you know whether there is a map-pack or something containing all the levels of NReality?

I love you!

Thank you very much my friend!!! <3
You're sincerely the first person, even real life included, to congratulate me! I don't know what happened this year in real life, nobody remember me.. :( Seriously, thank you so much!!!! :D :D :D

and from now on

macrohenry and ben shultz are my new role models :P :D
macrohenry is the best player of n game (after kool aid)


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