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Author Wizard2
Tags 6 author:wizard2 dda featured kradda rated
Created 2014-07-26
Last Modified 2014-07-26
by 29 people.
Map Data

Description How to Play:

  • Do Nothing
  • Hold Left
  • Hold Right
  • Hold Jump
  • Hold Jump + Left
  • Hold Jump + Right

I started on this in March. Stopped after 8 days. I rediscovered it last week and threw it together.

This map was featured on 2015-03-30

It's my birthday, so I'm treating myself to this DDA. Nobody has ever come close the quality of Wizard2's DDAs. Not Life247, not Clifty, nobody. Looking back on how DDAs used to be, to how they are now, I'm just overjoyed that I was around for their heyday. Many good DDA makers have come and gone, but Wizard2 has endured the test of time. And while I don't want them to die out, I feel like they could very soon.

Although, DDAs aren't that hard. It's as easy as abc. — Aidiera

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To tiki.

This map will be at the top for awhile. That's how the Hot Maps page works.

Not Fair

I get that this is the coolest DDA/DDLeft/DDRight/etc. but its been on the front page for quite some time now. I have some really cool maps I would love to post, so when will this map stop being greedy with the spotlight?
How about that collab some time soon fellow slave to the nation?


to dick swing here, but I think my 6-path DDA is the best of all time.



Very impressive.

Left option was nuts.

Sick Six Way KRADDA

Viva la 2


that's 2 words, zoas...


yeah obviously I did not go through all options.. pretty sweet one I have to say. :)

Great work, Wiz!

This dda is the best one that I have seen over a long time.
My favorite part was the thwump wall slide on the left side of the map in the hold left+jump path. The part where the rocket passes multiple times through the 4-tile in the upper left corner in the hold-left is also really cool. Also, the ctr parts in various routes were awesome.
I totally agree with Sunset about dronie nomination.
But I don't agree with destiny. No offense, but I think Clifty's On route 666 [] was better. Primarily because it had only one exit for all paths. Secondarily because I felt that in this map sometimes the ninja was running far away from the rocket, thus reducing the close calls. But I guess that is inevitable in a multi-way kradda.
Pretty great work! Obviously 5aved. :)
@Epic4ever: would holding jump work?


The rocket dancing is the best you've ever done.
Demo Data


even better than route 666.

5, no questions asked about that, though how do I get up to the top left corner?


good man
really fucking impressive