Crazy Apple Trees

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Author macrohenry
Tags author:macrohenry featured jumps medium minejumper mines rated riobe
Created 2014-07-31
Last Modified 2014-07-31
by 8 people.
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Description This is my first minejumper and it's dedicated to Riobe [] for making the most beautiful maps I've ever seen.

This map was featured on 2015-02-02

More than other plant, apple trees have been at humanity's side during both grand successes and giant mistakes. Without apple trees, we'd still be living in the Garden of Eden. On the other hand, apple trees aided Isaac Newton in the invention of gravity - before he did that, stuff would just float around freely. So there's good and bad apple trees out there, I think we can all agree.

Which one do these fall under? Tough. They certainly look pretty, that's a plus. On the negative, though? Their fruits are tend to blow you up, so take your pick. — lifdoff

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This is great!

Congrats on the feature, very well deserved!
Also, that is a neat review.
Isaac Newton, and, Trees?
Oh! I see! That's curious! Yeah, it seems that you has a chasing Tree-mania. Congrats friend!

I still remember when I made your first featured map and how mAuch I enjoyed playing that map! ;)
and how he impregnated all of those trees with his appleseed

meanapple much


cool feature

apple conspiracy
Anyway, thanks, lifdoff. Means a lot to me. :)


This review

is not meant to be taken seriously.


ps. i said the thing about bamboo jokingly -not ina patronizing way

better run than the agdonboard but messed up and probs played enough already. This is not the first time you say- this is my first attempt at something and make a map that raises eyebrows heh (ur imagination map). This is not bamboo then I take it... You added a lot of things I like on this map. love it
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Complete my Level

Hey Macrohenry Can you beat level Hexactly 2?


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