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Author b3njamin
Tags author:b3njamin race rated
Created 2014-08-06
Last Modified 2014-08-06
by 8 people.
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Description Quite a challenge.

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love this pal, miss race maps!
People have a opinion on my 'philosophy'. I hope people enjoy it more than finding it weird or bad.
I haven't seen people seriously critique a race map in a long time. I would do except there isn't much point when nobody is actively trying to improve their race-making abilities except perhaps StreetsAhead.

I guess you can either count yourself lucky for having people say so much about your map, or maybe its just annoying when you're not that serious about it lol.

I at least had fun playing this, and look forward to your next race whether it is next week or next year :)

All gold demo.

Pretty easy once you figure the route out.
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I like the length of this map. At first the non-obvious flow threw me off but it's cool once you figure it out.
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i see, makes sense

id probably be called out on my shit once i release my race map, haha
tricky jumps are awesome but nothing here felt particularly tricky. not knowing where the map will take you at first glance is good, because knowing is boring - but in this case it's hard to tell what's the wrong way until you hit an awkward patch, and so brute force/trial and error is the only real way to make progress.

not that it would have been better were it straightforward but for there to be a satisfying challenge in finding flow i feel there needs to be at least some information to react on - the unexpected clever position of a thwump or other hazard that makes your path clear at the last second, the player finding themselves in a spot with completely different momentum than they expected to have - new information. like, you want a player to go "ohh, i get it!" rather than "oh. that's unintuitive." and a lot of the jumps here were either simple gimmes or unintuitive, and then gimmes once you knew what you were supposed to do by throwing yourself at it enough

unlike invalid i really love the part where he put the little red !!!, it's tense and you can be in multiple different positions to deal with it depending on how you approach it and it feels satisfying to complete for that reason

but i do echo his opinion on the little loops in the corner that don't really do much beyond take up space and time

(and i also wish that you could un-report abuse comments because i always hit it accidentally every once in a while and immediately feel bad like i just did while writing this goddamnit)

but that's my two cents since people were already posting paragraphs

I loved it

The bottom left threw me a few times and the laser killed me a lot before i entered that area... But when the map worked it was a lot of fun :)


The only thing that bugged me is the drop to the bottom section and the red !!! that invalid happily drew on his pic.


To understand how this map got created, you have to understand the races I made in the past. I used to make flowy races that didnt really had a challenge in finding the flow. I got bored of that, so i tried to 'hide' the flow by making it less obvious where to go.
For example this map [] has some degree of unlogical flow in it.
In this example you see that you have to do a perpendicular jump (Which is pretty much not-done in races because it's harsh and unlogical)

So I wanted to create a map that has some weird paths (otherwise you could just watch the thumpnail and not play it) but I also wanted to make a tricky one. This is where the jumps come in. There a few parts in the map where you have to jump really quick and right on time.

Also, if you like the fact that you can go multiple ways (for the most part), check out this map []

Couple of flaws

But pretty good, agree with Invalid's arguments mostly. 3.5^ also.


Enough about the bad, let's talk about the good. Your flow is great and creative. I enjoyed the center a lot, which was surprisingly intricate. It'll be great to see more of that, and less of... whatever the top left was.

The close calls with the laser really, really shined. I didn't get killed by it that much and dodging those last second beams were extremely satisfying. The mines in the first loop of the yellow circle were also really nice. They were so close, yet they would never touch the player(ymmv).

3.5^ There are annoying small things, but overall good job.


The upper left bit circled in yellow is... boring. Two boring simple loops after all that great flow beforehand just feels lazy and uninspired.

Perhaps it was the way I play race maps, or maybe my fingers weren't fast enough, but I needed to slow down on the first red arrow. It was too steep and my ninja would slip and fall. I saw that in your demo, you didn't need to pause at all, which I guess was just my problem.

This bit is just really nit-picky, so skip it if you want. The bit with the next arrow and after that was way too fast for my reaction time and I slide down toward the exit multiple times. I don't want to have to think about where to go so hard. Maybe put some gold to show I have to jump.

That loop that's circled is terrible. Most of the speed you would have is lost and is very, very rough.

The topmost and rightmost launchpads could be replaced by tile squeezes/bounceblocks, but I think my dislike for them is silly.

As soon as I jump into the map, I don't know where to go. The blue arrows indicate all the paths that I could possibly go, and I had to use trial and error to figure out which way was correct. Should I have analyzed the map before I started playing? Probably. There are multiple ways to fix vague pathing, like using gold to point to the right direction, blocking off alternatives with doors, or putting threats that are immediately (almost if you prefer) lethal.

The spot in the purple circle is one of the things I loathe the most, second only to measured jumps. When should I jump? If I do it too early, I'll hit the slope or fall into the mines. If I'm too late, I'll hit and trip on the 7 tile. To make this less harsh, you can either increase the margin of error or place an indicator as to when the player should jump. Respective examples are a downward facing oneway on the slope and a mine right before the player jumps.

awful demo

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laser killed me alot
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It's improvable
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