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Author fusion
Tags author:fusion n-art rated
Created 2005-12-29
by 8 people.
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Description Play this in ether debug or userlevels and stare in the middle of the spinner. Now go get me a sanwich!

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U fu--ed up one of the drones lol haha....but it didnt do anything for me...2/5 cuz its boring and didnt do jack
Demo Data


I had an idea EXACTLY like this, lol.


im drain bamaged thanx man now i cant tiie my sholaces or spell them for that matter..... woa.. its like that drugtrip i saw in that movie when i was on that drugtrip
man im crazy


that still doesnt answer why its a 2.5/5. I thought it looked very cool. :(

It's... interesting

funny thing is instead of being hypnotised i fell asleep...


i made a sandwich

but i didnt know where you lived

then the effect wore off

and i ate the sandwich

sry about that...


Why did'nt you tell me why!


Why did you give me a 1! Omg! Why did you tell me why!