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Author Yahoozy
Tags action author:yahoozy featured oodles playable rated
Created 2014-08-16
Last Modified 2014-08-16
by 13 people.
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Description Entry for oodles, I'll probably make another.

This map was featured on 2014-09-17

I really don't like the TSA. It's the prime example of a powerful organization which needs less power. Don't get me wrong or anything, I'm all for safe flights and shit, but the vice grip they have on America's nut sack ain't acceptable anymore. Racial profiling, confiscations and nudie pat-downs are just a few ways the TSA is currently bending us over and claiming our baggage. So in protest I'm gonna walk right up to that security checkpoint with everything on display. Here goes...

(twenty-four hours later)

Guess who's been added to the No Fly List? This motherf-- — Aidiera

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it's a huge shame that some of you still use this website

5/5 it was ok
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...I think this map is rad! Another winner from the world's favorite hoozy.

For example,

none of the current NUMACON winning maps on the past NUMACONS standing on the Front Page were featured except this. Although I guess is a choice from reviewers no?

Anyway I have nothing against this featured, is a really cool map, just saying.


not every NUMACON-winning map was featured...


Perfect environment for a rocket.
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My map [] won the Wintercon but wasn't featured. Where is your god now, maxson? :P
Also, my point was about the map getting featured so early and not that it getting featured despite winning Numacon.
but that one map that got featured on literally the same day also was by Yahoozy

where is your god now, Mohit
the contest? this happens every time a NUMAcon winner is declared?

What the hell?

Are you kidding me? A map gets featured just after one month of submitting? Didn't people used to say that newer maps don't get featured. I mean there are hundreds of authors and thousands of maps out there. Come on!


this was my personal favourite


two direction by Wizard2 should have won considering it appeared in both judges rankings as 1st and the judges having different 0ths

but w/e

Route change.

Very fun map.
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