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Tags author:palemoon unrated
Created 2014-08-16
Last Modified 2014-08-16
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weird certainly

e's right you know


by writing e in the username and leaving the password blank. Pretty weird huh

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hardway faster -i really this run partly cause of the funny slip in the middle room. (had to kill the ninja so i could press shift&r to get the replay -my textbox is broken after doing the anti lag settings)

agd hard way on board and easy way here (which is a pretty tricky run btw). (i should've done it the other way around cause hardway is slower). Er I guess I think this is a good concept Palemoon...
Demo Data

hmmmmmmmm or maybe thats ok, maybe i should try two runs, one with everything the hard way and one with everything the easy way

-i mean cause getting out from the top of that exit button room is zero challenge


so what you're saying is that you did everything correctly, avoided the hazards of the map, and got a good score? well uh, good job. thanks for playing

this map interested me.. but you can get the gold under the exit simply by falling slightly to the right of it and walking underneath while the floorguard is nowhere near and if you dont touch the gate switch under the exit button then that room is pointlessly boring. I'm sure you're going to leave it as is though so, oh well

also a secret

if you don't feel like dealing with the locked doors.

hi the blockgate switch (second from the top) isn't working(?)