Hotel Ramada

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Author Guitar_Hero_Matt
Tags author:guitar_hero_matt drones gold switches unrated
Created 2014-08-28
Last Modified 2014-08-28
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Description The Sapphire of Si Satchanalai is here somewhere...

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Looks great, plays poorly.


I agree with everyone else.

this is my kind of tileset <3

i think it might've been nicer if you opened things up a bit so the two outer columns weren't closed off from the rest, the middle columns with the lasers was the most fun but it took ages to get to them :/
It might have been better without the middle tower and having an open section instead.
the layout is fun and it feels like robbing a hotel but i can't be running up and down these chutes forever every time i die D:

First try AGDD-2

I like the initial concept and the aesthetic them but as you said, it gets rather tedious.
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This map is really long.
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