Industrial Dark and Sourcery

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Author formica
Tags author:formica bitesized playable race rated
Created 2005-12-29
by 47 people.
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Description An attempt to create another interestingly shaped race map, breaking away from the whole \'loopy\' thing that is the race norm. I also tried to add in some big jumps, but only managed to get in one truly awesome (IMO) series of leaps, at the very beggining.

It\'s medium length, and probably around medium difficulty. Not very hard, anyway. Some of the jumps do take some skill, but all in all, it\'s not too difficult.


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Beautiful map.


and faved.

I dunno

I didn't like it much. flow was awkward.


It is a trip through something that's radical.
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this one I think is a lot harder than Crazy Miner. In Crazy Miner, you really didn't have to think. It was made so that you could run as fast as you could the entire way. This one doesn't have as much flow. It actually requires aiming. This is still one of the bests race maps ever created
Fantastic race level, although the path is a little hard to read.
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Hey TDL!

I got the Tenacious D CD today, and listened to tribute, and I'm like..."Where have I heard this before?? *strokes chin*" And then I'm like "Holy shit" except not those exact words because my dad was listening to it with me, you know, standard procedure. That song rocks my f**kin' socks off :P


The crazy miner 2. Leave it to Formica to make the best race maps. If you think Im being too nice, then check out (but dont rate if you dont want) my latest race map, inspired by the crazy miner (although it isnt much like the crazy miner)

This is the best race map in a long time.

Thank you formica

For making a good looking, challenging, and thoroughly enjoyable race, they're getting sparse.
This ace is incedible! It's vey fun! I like a lot of aces, and I especially like you aces, but this one is absolutely incedible! Geat job! 5/5 and faved!

1ST try

lost the flow.
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Try... well. You know the first place where you jump? Before any of the 'chimmneys'? Jump from that to the first column as late as possible. Doing that SHOULD help.


it's fun! I'm having a lot of trouble getting past the first big jump though...

Yeah...I like this

4.5 and faved, well done.


Purely Brilliant...
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