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Author Fraxtil
Tags author:fraxtil gravitypack n-art nonplayable rated
Created 2014-09-14
Last Modified 2014-09-14
by 8 people.
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Seven years ago, I began working on a mappack dubbed "Gravity Pack". The pack was originally intended to have 100 maps; I managed to complete about 40 before abandoning the project and subsequently leaving the Metanet community. About a month ago, I decided to pick up N again and played through the maps I had written. There were enough gems in the pack that I decided to try to finish it. Today, I can finally call the pack complete.

Gravity Pack contains 25 old (pre-2010) maps and 25 new maps. (I discarded quite a few of the original 40.) These aren't particularly groundbreaking or even modern maps; they're just... me. I have a tendency to put design before gameplay, although this certainly isn't to say that the gameplay is neglected. Try them out and you'll understand what I mean. I think the 2014 maps are better than the 200X maps, personally, but maybe you'll disagree.


stage 01: gravity rebel []
stage 02: augment []
stage 03: daydreamer []
stage 04: ocean cliff []
stage 05: i saw the lights []
stage 06: brim []
stage 07: abductee []
stage 08: stable []
stage 09: sparse matrix []
stage 10: bismuth outcrop []
stage 11: a simple complex []
stage 12: glitter []
stage 13: what lies beyond []
stage 14: illaterate []
stage 15: super intelligence []
stage 16: cynic []
stage 17: a fine mist []
stage 18: lobsterface []
stage 19: the omega directive []
stage 20: the slightest imperfection []
stage 21: overcompressed []
stage 22: dishevel []
stage 23: async []
stage 24: ready for war? []
stage 25: nothing up my sleeves []
stage 26: speak up []
stage 27: pipe dream []
stage 28: alpha decay []
stage 29: risky business []
stage 30: melt and join []
stage 31: vanishing point []
stage 32: time's up []
stage 33: excursion []
stage 34: reconfigure []
stage 35: pole juxtaposition []
stage 36: alien pentester []
stage 37: burning buildings []
stage 38: beta decay []
stage 39: monolith []
stage 40: launch []
stage 41: russian security []
stage 42: jawsome []
stage 43: hvac []
stage 44: obsessive impulsive []
stage 45: sidewinder []
stage 46: disurrected []
stage 47: golddust []
stage 48: gamma decay []
stage 49: call of the void []
stage 50: you're already dead []

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stage 45: sidewinder stage 46: disurrected stage 47: golddust stage 48: gamma decay stage 49: call of the void stage 50: you're already dead


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now playing

The font is really cool. 5/5 because that must have taken a lot of time.
now I shall leave a sideways emoticon in the demo data box
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does the author get a notification?


numa has been down for a good majority of the time since this was published

and map floating works when users rate maps, higher ratings mean they'll be higher on the list for a longer time

It's only been posted for 1.5 days, and NUMA's been down for a third of that time, so it might as well have been up for a day.
Literally 40 maps for one post. I thought only 2 at a time on front page.... jkjk. But in all seriousness, what determines which maps stay on front page/stay near the top? Cuz this mappack thing has been at the top for multiple days, and it doesn't even have that many comments. Moderator controls or what?
The pack looks really good.I would try to speedrun all.


Newton would be proud of.

Lovely pack

Some very hard maps. But also very simple and fun. I especially loved 'sidewinder' and 'melt and join' too.
so that i can play your maps anytime i want to :D

I'm in love

with that font, damn

i am nancy

and i approve of this