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Author Onesevennine
Tags author:onesevennine curious rated
Created 2014-10-02
Last Modified 2014-10-02
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description i am so offended i was not included on the list of representative mappers in the 'curious' numacon announcement. my premium maps consistently break many long-held unspoken NUMA """rules,""" such as: being playable, being enjoyable, consisting of N map data, being submitted to numa at all, not causing night terrors after repeated plays, existing within a singular mortal plane,

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All three of your maps could have been the top three but we decided to be fair to the other contestants.

This was my favourite :3


fuck yeah!

consider me a staunch supporter of all your mapping aberrations. you are the secret soul of the competition.

Seven of Nine?

Star Trek: Voyager reference? If so, we should do a collab of a star trek map, cuz I just finished TOS and TNG, and all I have to say is set phasers to stun [], because we're beaming down, captain. (comment on this map to reply)
unless there's no exit. Harrumph. *cockles gruffly*
Demo Data

this is an absolutely beautiful trainwreck of a map
Demo Data

I'd file a complaint at the office of NUMA. []