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Author blacklef
Tags author:blacklef featured half-medium quarter-easy rated semi-hard
Created 2014-10-05
Last Modified 2014-10-05
by 11 people.
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Description Recursion. Excursion. Enjoy.

This map was featured on 2015-02-17

At which point does confidence become arrogance? It's truly an issue that people struggle with in many day-to-day activities, like impressing higher-ups at work, chatting up girls/boys/dogs and posting maps on NUMA, to name but a few scenarios.

I'd say the difference between the two is whether the claims you are making are actually justified. Sure, calling your map Ace might just be inviting people to call you arrogant, but anyone who has played this map knows that these people don't have any ground to stand on.

This map isn't just called Ace, it is ace. — lifdoff

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Framed speedrun
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one way i know the feature system is ass is that blacklef has 1 featured map
it's okay but repetitive


Glad you got a feature. Maybe not my favorite of your maps, but certainly quite good. Nice nice.

my god that gauss

map on the whole is average. congrats on the feature though.


That's awesome!


Thanks lifdoff, and everyone here on NUMA.


A great review for a wonderful map! Congrats, blacklef, well-deserved.
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I like this tiles and the gold placement looks fantastic.
Plays quite well, too...

Thought the gold and mines were well placed. Love how the floorguard blocks the key at the beginning and the other enemies were placed perfectly. 5aved

Cheated a bit.

Really nice design. But I would've have liked it if the locked door switch was more to the right.
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