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Author Ors_II
Tags author:ors_ii n-art n-artist ors program rated self-portrait
Created 2014-10-05
Last Modified 2019-02-28
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description Interested about high-resolution N-Art? Download the N-Artist program by me.

Big thanks to the beta-testers:
Vanquish (Thanks for reporting the java finding problem)
Woutery (Even though published his map before me. XD)

Download the program here! []

More excamples:
It's art [] by Woutery

Read the readme file carefully!

ps. The first and last time I show the picture of my own face on NUMA-

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wait a sec

are you a boy???
ok so how old are you and where are you from brother, you might be possibly guesssing who am i, i am Armaghan :D

Ohh right okay that's cool man, I mean like I really have no clue what im doing when it comes to the technical stuff I wont lie! haha just appreciate good art man this be one of them

Love this detail of this, must have taken a fair amount of time!


Though whats it mean by 792*600 image map?


Thanks for uploading that picture. It's much better that the thumbnail.
also here is actual in-game screenshot (the thumbnail is very wrong)


It seems to work! Does it change every ^792 to ^0, ^791 to ^1 etc...?
I still have it. Have a look at the mirror image of this map :D
You will be AMAZED! :D []
But, the program was of no real use. I tried mirroring some of my ddas but they were bugged and never ever a mirrored dda finished. :(
I was angry so I delelted it forever. (afaik)
and it was a lot more buggy than this.



isn't that that program that turns images into N objects

isn't this generated


damn nice.

also, that signature kinda thing in the corner - bitchin' in the fullsize.
Sounds fun. Does it also work on N-Reality maps?

I think N programs also win dronies, like kkstrong's Modmaster. You just earned a dronie I guess. :D
Really cool work Ors! I myself made a python program which could create mirror image of any map! ANY MAP! :D

Whow, that is way better than my crappy test thing. I wish i could actually vote on stuff, if i could this would instantly get a 5. Very nice work, even with the program used.