24-4: Invader

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Author macrohenry
Tags action author:macrohenry lasers medium-hard-ish seeker series unrated
Created 2014-10-05
Last Modified 2014-10-05
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Lots of work has gone into this. I hope you don't find this too difficult.

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i just saw your comment and you're in the hospital
i hope you get well soon
sorry for disturbing you
maybe we'll collab later when you get well
stay healthy



how about we start now!!! :D
you could give your facebook - and yeah i'll keep private if you want to
otherwise you an come on #NReality so that we can chat there
and OH MY GOD!!! you accepted my request!!! XD
thanks :D

aw i feel jealous

i also want to collab with you
can i please?


I'll get you something by Thursday. My laptop crapped out on me.
150-3 is tough and 150-4 seems maxed. :(

Talking of episode ownage, I own 158-0,1,2,3 (check out the runs) but 158-4 is maxed (I think), so I am =1st in that. :(
There is some activity going on. People talk random stuff.
Check out my episode 0th on ep 150. It has 3 level 0ths! :O
Also, I want to tell you one thing:


Q.1 When did you turn 17? Belated happy birthday, dude! :D
Q.2 Are you on Facebook? We have a group of active NUMAists over there!
Eddy, Aidi, suds, 1211, amlt, Sunset, 29403, Reddy, jirka, me and lot of others! You should come too!
Q.3 You are German, right? What are best songs of Rammstein other than Du Hast and Engel?I love both songs. I know I could google it, but an opinion from someone I know would be better! :D


I guess it's not an AGD, but it's faster.


misclicked on the demo data box and hit Submit
Demo Data

Faster AGD


That drone!

It's both, annoying and fun at the same time. XD 5/5


The lasers showed no mercy in your demo.

slow AGD

really fun map!
Demo Data


Demo Data