Evil Droniac's Station [N-Reality]

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Author Ors_II
Tags author:ors_ii ded dedication n-reality nreality ors rated
Created 2014-10-16
Last Modified 2014-10-17
by 9 people.
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This is the first time I make a DED for more than one people with an serious attempt to do that! (And I've never put this much effort for a map)

Fraxtil [], Mohit Ghune [] and Golfkid [] deserve this ded for following reasons:

There was a challenge to get an AGD in Score game [].

Mohit found the way to do it. Fraxtil did it first (and I quess he found the way himself) and Golfkid did it so damn well, so I thought it would be good to make a map split to three parts, one dedicated to Fraxtil, one for Golfkid and one for Mohit.

First part: Fraxtil makes a lot of maps with new concepts, so the map starts with a concept that I haven't seen before (Most of you have?)

Second part: I was playing some of golfkid's maps and wanted to search for N-Reality after a few maps. His laser show map Spokes of Doom [] made me make the second part themed with lasers.

Third part: This is for Mohit Ghune. I don't make a DDA end! XD When I watched his favourites list, I didn't find a single theme there, so there's no actual theme in the last part.

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my autism is tingling!!
plus, i never chimed in to tell you how cool this is. super unique, very original, i love the new drone designs and the whole aesthetic. very neat.
Love the look (except the blue gold) and the amount of time put into this! Could've eased up just a bit on the difficulty, and maybe less variety of mods. 4/5 great work!

Thanks :)

For the ded, its a pretty wicked map. Although I'm a little impressed that you managed to find inspiration from a map that I made over 6 years ago o.O Granted, I don't have a huge catalog to search through, but still...

Wow, Fraxtil!

I watched your demo and your thwump part solution was amazing!

this is fucking incredible

first completion; i have NO idea how i survived the bottom thwump area
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really cool and those flying mines are really dramatic

No problem c:


Thanks dude.



Can i record you, playing your map ?


Probably Yes c:
But i'm not sure.
I am now passing you'r map ;3


Maybe A Collab N-reality map ? ;3


This map is sick <3
i'll record it :3
Fifth fav in a row!! :O
Holy fuck! :D
It's in the right place.

The ninja's in the wrong place?


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