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Author Mohit_Ghune
Tags author:mohit_ghune ctrdda dda incomplete psctrdda rated
Created 2014-10-17
Last Modified 2014-10-17
by 7 people.
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Description Hey, this is another Prison Style CTRDDA that I am working on. I will submit it before the end of this year. My intention right now is to remind you all about Dronies'13. The year 2014 is going to end soon, and we still don't know the results of previous year's Dronies. Merely 11 people have done the nominations.
So, I have decided to help Aidiera in this task.
1. PM Aidiera on the forums to ask for a code. Aidiera's profile link: []

2. Go to the webform site and paste the seven-letter code in the first box and a link to your NUMA profile in the second box. Webform link: []

4. You get up to three nominations per category. You can nominate one map for more than one category, but only once in each category.
Any questions will be answered in this thread: []
Get to it!

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It's amazing how ninja rides the further rocket.
also most if not all of my demos are done fbf, so no nreality XD
I mean, just check my profile =P
Demo Data

Hey dude

Nice to hear from you. You're pretty kick-ass at speedruns!

I've got 13 other simple challenges that you can find just from looking through my maps, but here's number 15 as well:

I had to delist it for the time being since macrohenry was giving me crap for dominating the Hot Maps page. It's been two days so I should have everything relisted soon. This site is much less active nowadays :/

Also, I have some other short speedrun-able maps that I just uploaded, so you could check those out as well. Thanks!

Hey man

Where are you?

I have missed you my friend! I will be back for a month.. and then I am leaving to travel the world! (er... Actually just go to Argentina for two years)

Saw ur comment.. xela is different person to xaelar -xela appeared on metanetforums btw -in the highscores section (I didn't really read what he said tho)

Can you nominate yourself?
still haven't nominated since i don't have enough maps to nominate (assuming there is a minimum)
Thoses "prisoner DDAs" might recuire a lot of patiency?
Anyway, great that you talk about Dronides like that! Hope that will help and get the Dronies 2013 done.