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Author macrohenry
Tags author:macrohenry featured moon non-playable rated tiles tileset trees
Created 2014-10-18
Last Modified 2014-10-18
by 23 people.
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This map was featured on 2015-04-27

I never could get enough of how forests look at night. Nor could I think that they are anything less than mysterious.

Standing still, watching the moon’s rays pass through every leaf and branch, calling for a dance of shadows. Silence so deep, every beat of the heart is heard for miles.

And when the Moon hits his zenith, the masterpiece of nature unfolds. Every shape, every shade - so perfect & accurate. That exact moment, which very few can catch, much less visualize: simple, pure, unadulterated beauty. — CF

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amazing review, nice art
Here's our collab btw. I apologize for delaying it for so long. I lost interest in N, but I'm getting back into the swing of things hopefully.

I hate to boast.

But I got about 58 level 0ths and 78 episode 0ths in the past 6 months. :D
Hence the title. :)
Check mine on 233908.

stupid map there isn't even a ninja

you like your maps with less tiles. This map is quite contrary.
5/5 obviously...
That's awesome, thank you so much! :) :)

much awesome

such wow
many 5ave
Demo Data

ps. If you used N2 hollow trick tiles (edited code), you could have some drones fly past the moon, which I think would be quite funny (as though its too dark to see the drones until they block the moon light (use chainguns)) Anyway rated

-the moon is mysterious.


all jokes aside though this does a really good job describing depth. i really liek the use of perspective, it looks really amazing even when zoomed in. the moon looks ok to me, that's as close as you can get to a perfect circle of that size so.... nice. i like it a lot.

other than the moon

everything is BEAUTIFUL!!!
but still 5/5 from my friend :D


absolutely stunning.

also, I don't think I've ever seen so many atob trees in one map ;)

Would you like to play on my new map?


Tileset rated by people in this time? But this really deserves it. =D



Very very cool.

We don't often see this kind of depth depicted in landscape tilesets.


but the moon looks a little weird.


this is amazing! intsa-5aving this.