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Author Onesevennine
Tags author:onesevennine curious featured rated smoothcurve
Created 2014-10-25
Last Modified 2014-10-25
by 10 people.
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Description this is so idiotically keyboard-breaking hard but i love it, i love it

This map was featured on 2015-03-14

Onesevennine was a bit pissed that I didn’t include him in my “post-modern” authors list, so he made a bunch of amazingly unique and interesting maps for Curious []. This one, VO586, particularly struck a chord with me since he created a map with one big thwump curve. I mean, who does that!? There are a million ways this could have gone wrong, but not a single thing did. In a world where people follow the rules, Onesevennine bows down to no man. And I can dig it. — Aidiera

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Um, nevermind.

I hadn't checked out your demo, 179.


Good job figuring it out, DW40.
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But only now got around to playing it myself for sone reason. Love it. Great map.
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wow this is awesome.



congratulations sir!

Run of the year settled then.

holy fuck

dw40's demos made this map for me.

then you can do this
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oh my god, this took so long. But it feels so good to pull off
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Demo Data


Demo Data