the west ward

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Author mahi_mahi
Tags action aidiera author:mahi_mahi collab mahi mahi-best rated
Created 2014-10-27
Last Modified 2014-10-27
by 15 people.
Map Data

Description i made it and then aidiera didn't like it so he changed it and made it better so i'm calling it a collab. also this is a sober map so brace yourself

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I take it you're no longer huffing paint and sniffing glue?

Really really good map.

intuitive map

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This is very fresh.

4/5 Very Good

Hey look, 1000

Couldn't have done that if I tried
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haven't watched mohit's demo yet, this is the best i can do
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i liked it a lot
much deliciousousness

sub-500 speedrun

Nice map..
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sweet drone dodge map
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I love the mechanics of the seekers
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Very proud of this.

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