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Author RandomDigits
Tags action author:randomdigits collab eddy grandmaster nv2.0 rated
Created 2014-10-31
Last Modified 2014-11-01
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description ARE YOU READY TO PLAY YOUR DED, EddyMataGallos?
Today is the 4 year anniversary of first 0th by our grandmaster - EddyMataGallos []. ~~2010-10-31~~
This map is a 2.0 collab [] by RandomDigits [] and SpartaX18 [].

(note: I had to delete some objects to reduce loading time in 1.4, to see the original look, click the above link to the 2.0 version)

EDIT: updated 2.0 version []

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I didn't playtest it enough in 1.4
Awesome speedrun though :D

Oh and pretty awesome video, just saw it :D

Haha I see :P Man I can't believe its been 4 years already, thank you guys for this commemoration.
But I needed help from advanced mapper, so I asked RD. He knows 1.4 physics more, so I thought he will say whether some parts are harded there, but he was lazy all the way :D *joke ofc* and didn't say anything. But anyways, it was specially made hard-ish, 'cause you were the main person we (me) wanted to play it (I think it's quite obvious btw. :d).

One more thing, NyanCat_Polska made a video for You :)) []

Sub-500 Speed

Thanks a lot for the ded guys, but damn, are you aware how hard it is to AGD this!? o.O

There are at least 2 sections which are really hard on their own haha :P AGD is indeed possible, I've tested it on each individual room, but damn dude.

Oh btw, the top room on the letter E, the one with the thwump, is much harder in v1.4 since the trapdoor does not stop the thwump. The middle thwump section is also much harder here, not sure why. Might be a difference in physics.
Demo Data
but i posted a fixed version on 2.0 []


Amazing finish that I wasn't even expecting. Can still go faster by doing a better first switch section, and jumping one drone cycle ahead.
Demo Data

Demo Data
The map is highly cheatable...


This map IS possible... but barely ;D (you can watch my replay on v2.0. and no way I will do it again on 1.4...)