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Author mrgy05
Tags action author:mrgy05 enjoy examination mrgy05 playable unrated
Created 2014-11-03
Last Modified 2014-11-03
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Map Data

Description Fill in the blanks:

☑ Drone mechanics
☑ Mine jumper
☑ Rocket dodger
☒ Skip past and play other maps
☐ Play level, die, get angry



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btw, I didn't seen any other player's route yet.

Slower Speedrun

Nice rocket-dance map!
Demo Data

Demo Data

so many old timers coming back out of nowhere wth

Hey there old timer

You should do that spooky thing where you look back at realise how long ago it was when you first started using NUMA.

☑ zoas happy


I really hope that this map is the first one of a new wave of maps from you. You seriously don't really know how much I missed your maps man! Sincerely, I hope you make much more. It looks really interesting, I'll play it tomorrow.

Yeah! You made my day! XD

☑ mrgy is alive
☑ excited