16-03:Fist Pump, Jump Jump

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Author Epic4ever
Tags author:epic4ever epic4everpack fist jump pump unrated
Created 2014-11-08
Last Modified 2014-11-08
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Description If I could change my name it would be either "!epic4ever" or "BTA"

for those with skills in programming know exactly what I mean with the "!"..

RCE people, pretty please!

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Excellent map



It's nice how everything ends up outside trying to kill you.

What I didn't really enjoy was the first section of the map that was inside. If I didn't excecute this route I found perfectly, all of my improvised plays led to a very immediate death.

Although I never had to, I did spot that I could have doubled back and gone through the 'inside' again to reach the exit, that was a nice touch.

From this map I would highlight areas for improvement to be:

Aesthetics - tiles felt very lazy, trapdoor switches being on top of locked door switches looked ugly. Gold was nicely placed.

Gameplay - Too much at once in the first area, not enough play space for improvisation (this can lead to frustration)

The map is conceptually sound. Tight hectic space, leading to open space where the enemies follow you out - that is excellent.

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Demo Data