Natural Selection

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Author mrgy05
Tags action author:mrgy05 drone natural playable selection unrated
Created 2014-11-11
Last Modified 2014-11-11
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Description Dedicated to Aidiera [] and Fraxtil [] for breaking the last version.

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this would be fun, if a bit gruellingly gauntlet-ly so, but the unavoidability of lasers makes it too outside of your control. Especially when playing it through the first few times, where you should be able to be know how to deal with a threat ahead without playing through and working out how it ... works. Sorry this is poorly worded haha.
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eh this is a bit

dodgy of the laser haha. Felt like an unavoidable death
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still cheatable btw

switched to FBF about halfway through but it's not really necessary, i'm just lazy
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Demo Data