Totem Tower

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Author albla
Tags action author:albla featured floorguards rated totem tower
Created 2014-11-14
Last Modified 2014-11-14
by 10 people.
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Description I figured I would try to make a floorguard-based level, as I haven't really used them much in my previous levels. RCE.

This map was featured on 2015-08-02

To command nothingness, the absence of tiles and objects, is a challenge for any mapper. However, I find it even harder to make worthwhile maps with what seems to be too much at first glance – in most cases, less is indeed more.

albla's has always ignored this to positive effect. “Totem Tower” looks cramped, overburdened and tedious at first, but everything has its place and interacts seamlessly with the intricate tiles and objects around it. The more you play and understand it, the better this map gets.

Few people command the void. Even fewer command its opposite - abundance. — lifdoff

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great review

lifdoff, you've contributed a lot to NUMA in the past year or so. thanks.
But with the help of golfkid, I managed. Thank you. <3

Love it.

Awesome tiles.

I thought this had too many 'blobs' -bits that distract too much from the overall shape. Otherwise I like it


me, I like the asymmetry.
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for all the rates and comments guys! Glad you enjoyed it. :)


also what aidiera said

really cool

i like your map a lot!

Nice map!

Demo Data

Demo Data

what the fuck is wrong with you

4 instead of 5, srry
But that is my only complaint. Great use of the rocket. 4.5^/5