Noctilucent Beauty

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Author mrgy05
Tags action author:mrgy05 drone etc noctilucent playable unrated
Created 2014-11-16
Last Modified 2014-11-16
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but what an amazing map. So complex, so cool looking.

this is hella cool

the inside at least. the outside is kinda generic and adds almost nothing imo

i think it would have been much improved if you'd focused on the inside mechanic, prettied it up a bit

still neat overall


Damn, that middle part requires some very precise jumps. Thanks for making the outer area more relaxing.
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cool map, but a bit draining for me (death demo)
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Tough one!

Is it possible to do the inside before running out of time?
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I really loved the concept with drones and door's switches, I used exactly the same in a couple of 3x3 VODKALOVER maps, you did it in a whole map and really well done. Inside plus outside makes the whole map a crazy adventure. :D


Thanks for feedback sunset
< this part is way too difficult. could you lower the switch 1/4th of a snap down? same goes for this one: