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Author Tommy_Wiseau
Tags author:tommy_wiseau jumper minejumper playable rated
Created 2014-11-17
Last Modified 2014-11-17
by 12 people.
Map Data

Description All AGDs will get something special...


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...and will make sure to submit it when you least expect it.

Amazing run,

and submit it? I'll link and credit, of course.
a spiteful beast.
But what's with the mediocre 2/5 ratings? No 0's or 1's?
If MG of all people dislikes a map, then it is bad. 2/5


I'm going to retroactively restrict my offer to just the first person to get an AGD. Sorry, all you crazy mofos :)


although it's even more ridiculously difficult, it's possible to beat this map without landing on spaces in between mines.

Damn, macrohenry.

I'll give you a blowjob if you live in the tri-state area.

Otherwise, expect a special ded :)


macro really just got a pizza

jesus fucking christ macrohenry

love your art again
because players like macrohenry. YOU'RE MY HERO DUDE!
Maps like this are super interesting to get enough skills, patience or persistance and get a win run on them someday, just as macro did. Those kind of maps are gems to good players (I'm not one :P) but I appreciate this kind of maps to keep and save them in case someday I become... :P



Impressive run! pm me your email and I'll send you a pizza gift card.


I expect your pizza tomorrow evening, script. ;)

Would be 3/5, but I rate 4/5 because it's addicting as hell.
Demo Data


i'm not much into Coltrane. i'm not into jazz at all to be quite honest
or maybe i'm reading too much into the title

look I have a demo

watch it a little under 6 times and I get more than the 29 gold pieces in the map
Demo Data

something "special"

I'll buy pizza for anyone who gets an agd.
This is fucking ridiculous.
I couldn't even get the first key without dying like 14 out 15 times. This is a terrible map Tommy.
very tedious even just to complete, let alone all gold... The most annoying part overall, is that this map could have been enjoyable, but the difficulty is dramatically inflated by mine-overuse. Then there's the whole back and forth element that adds nothing new to the gameplay; compounding the tedium. Overall, a frustrating map for even a seasoned highscorer. 2/5. Extreme difficulty ≠ fun/quality map design.

Used zoas to vote.

At least

someone else made a demonic challenging minejumper map.
Bravo! 5/5