Less Is More, More Or Less

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Author ChrisE
Tags author:chrise featured less rated
Created 2014-11-21
Last Modified 2014-11-21
by 16 people.
Map Data

Description a map for less

This map was featured on 2015-01-30

Standing underneath the skeletal complex, you can see the faint shimmer of a switch. Blasted architect, you mutter, does his cruelty have no limits? After inspecting the base, you reason that either there is a hidden upper section or the thwumps are a decoy. The timing here is tight, I don’t know if I’ll make it. As the ticking timer resonates throughout the chamber, you take a deep breath and begin your ascent. If there’s a hell, architect, I hope to see you there.Aidiera

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this map is really good

must check out more of this author's work
i bet it's great

*become *declined


The same story over and over again, you guys suck.
Seriously, you guys can't just enjoy the featuring system and stop to complait? The prize for winning a NUMACON is to get your map featured regardless of when or how much old is the map, just this, no more.

Furthermore, Mohit, you had the opportunity to becoma a reviewer, it was YOU who declines it, if you like that sort of maps try it and feature those maps, it is a pointless complaint.


I never said I could do a better job. I am just saying that I don't find sense in featuring a recently published map. That's it. I would love to see a map by some of the earliest mappers of the scene like, I don't know..., nevermore, or blue_tetris, or maximo, or Lucidium, or tktktk, or stepself and others. :)

I mean well.

I really do. I wish people wouldn't complain about features though. If you think you can do a better job, applications have been open for like a year.


who gives a shit? I mean, really... I am going to know about this map now and in a year's time. I didn't realise that every feature was supposed to be a nostalgic throwback to warrant a feature.

so salty

"The prizes include ad-free browsing, custom titles that are recycled somewhat often, and a sometimes userbar made from a section of their map that displayed their "victory over the masses." The winner who scores first also gets their map featured."

maybe research b4 u rage ayy lmao
But I have to admit that Mohit has a point. Would probably have been better to wait a little longer before featuring this map.

i thought

that the prize for winning a numacon was getting your map featured.
regardless, this is a great little map.

Oh cool!

A recent map that was published just two months ago and that probably everyone has already seen (since it won the NUMAcon) is being published. Amazing!
I thought a golden map of last decade which deserves to get attention but was ignored due to lack of site-traffic would be featured. Nah, that would be so boring. -_-

Great map

Good job
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put together fantastically! very graceful. i like it


On winning NUMAcon. This mal deserves no lese (hehe).


i've been trying this map for a square two days now
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This is cool!

I would love to see this implemented in a bigger map, but seeing as it's for less, it works nicely.

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sub-300 is probably possible
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There's nothing quite like coming home from a crap 14 hours of work and seeing that everybody liked your map.

Thanks, all.
But as far as Less maps go, this is a 5. Agree with Aidera

supa good

love it all.

Awesome map...

...especially the tiles. Love it. 5/5.

derped out hard

this is clever
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The first Less entry that feels properly minimalistic. Very, very lovely.

I agree.

this is great.
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Oh and Chris

Fucking love this map XD
to be, but here is the sub-400 :D
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Soz Aidiera

But here's a 407. Sub-400 is doable. Working on it now
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But this is exactly what I'm hoping Less maps will be like. 5aved.
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