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Author lifdoff
Tags action author:lifdoff beatable playable rockets unrated
Created 2014-11-21
Last Modified 2014-11-21
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Map Data

Description Originally based on the idea of making a difficult descent using those half-block tiles. It quickly turned out to not actually be the most difficult thing about the map, but oh well. I still like it. Haven't managed an all-gold run yet, but it should be possible.


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i can't believe you've only been here for two months
Demo Data

welcome to numa!

have fun here ;)

plays very well

climbing in the thwump rooms is quite fun. a bit of overload with the gold, however. collecting it all gets quite tedious. i really enjoy maps that economize their space, such as this one -- most folks nowadays would build the top room, throw in an enemy or two, maybe some pretty tiles and call it a day.