S Motion

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Author mrgy05
Tags action author:mrgy05 jumper mine motion playable unrated
Created 2014-11-27
Last Modified 2014-11-27
Map Data

Description Speed jumper.

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Another route

Disappointed in this one, thought it really had potential to be faster. I'll let everybody else decide which route is cooler :)
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One of a few cool routes I was playing around with, but don't think it can beat Mohit's. It's even 8 frames slower than the best I've gotten on NReality.
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best run i can manage without looking at any demos
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lot improvable run

Demo Data

first try

lucky demo
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Sweet tiles!

and nice demo, golfkid


Most of the speed is from Meta's descent on NReality, but I also wanted to showcase that jump I did under the mine near the top :)
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Little improved demo, but still too damn slow compared to other runs. I'll eventually try to improve it later.
Nice map!
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Fail :D

I Didn't know I can miss it like that.
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Like this map, fun and pretty quick :)
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