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Author fusion
Tags author:fusion n-art rated
Created 2005-12-30
by 17 people.
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Description No offence, but the new numa logo sucks, it has no creativity in it. Also, it looks no different from its regular letters. So, i made this. Sorry to sweep for putting down his logo.

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Ergo, pity votes don't work.
This can't be any worse. I kinda like this one compared to the current one. But since everybody is rating this low, it makes me feel sorry for fusion. So what would be a 3.5 is now a 5/5


This made me laugh. A lot.
Yeah, the current logo isn't really a logo, just text with a ninja in the U. I've said that to 'nid when it first came up. There really is no imageable way to represent NUMA in a logo, so I like the logo the way it is. It's better than the old plaintext "Numa" that was up there.


Though I like the current logo.


I'm definately not a fan of the current logo. This one has got some creativity in it, which is something the current one is really lacking. That said, it doesn't really fit as a logo.

i agree

with nevermore

why not actually make a new one, thats GOOD??

I agree

I dislike the current one.
This one's no better, though, to be honest.

It's kinda cool...

I like it, but I wouldn't want it as the logo, know what I mean?


You know... I just don't think that is numa's style...


i like our current logo

oh wow

this is much better.




This is worse. No offense.