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Author ska
Tags action author:ska insecticide less minimalism symmetry unrated
Created 2014-12-10
Last Modified 2014-12-10
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Description don't bug out, yo.

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and my agd...

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Check out Izzy's pretty smooth agd from 2014.
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improved agd

so much fun. some of these other demos are insane
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beautiful map

vs my panic-y agd
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Did I prove my point?
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Insanely fun map.

Vanity is a deadly sin.
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bit faster
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Faster speedrun
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fun stuff

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First try AGD

I would not be surprised, if somebody will get AGD more than 1000 frames faster than this :D
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Beat that, Armaghan. :P
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second try speedrun

improved :D
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Sub-200 is probably possible, alas not for me.

Also cool map, I really like the openness and the design, even though normally I'm not really a fan of symmetry.
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first try speedrun

fun map
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