love of my afterlife

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Created 2014-12-19
Last Modified 2014-12-19
by 7 people.
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Description “Ghosts are nothing if not capricious.”
― William Gibson, Neuromancer

This map was featured on 2015-07-27

She looked different from when he had first laid his eyes upon her, but she was still the most beautiful woman he could imagine.

Her face - perfectly sculpted, unmarred. Her complexion - unblemished, immaculate.

As he had done so often, he reached out, to tuck that lone strand of hair behind her ear, only for his fingers to meet the cool air. Of course. Silly old man. That strand of hair hadn't met his grasp for years now.

But all those changes didn't matter, for she wasn't just the love of his life. She was much, much more. — lifdoff

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Okay I'm done now.

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is not dying as soon as the map starts.


get a ps4 for bloodborne tho
Responding to your question, is up to you, or better said, if you can afford to do it, do it. I'm going to do it. Actually, I will buy my PS4 on Friday to enjoy this miracle in my vacation in August. Thanks Mare! Thanks Raigan! :P

hey pale
should i get a ps4 for n++



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Missed 1 gold, but I like the frame count.
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sweet tiles, sweet flow, all around sweeter than pixie stix
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Great tiles.

And the gold placement is fantastic too.
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er, that was an AGD
this is a speedrun
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