Blue Tearz

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Author krusch
Tags action author:krusch rated
Created 2014-12-22
Last Modified 2014-12-22
by 7 people.
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Description Hi, I'm from N v2.0.

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sr lel
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sr lel

Thanks ska.

I appreciate that a lot, coming from you. :)

Damn, dude!

That was a really nice run!

Faster AGD again. I couldn't resist. Thanks ska.
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Good as usual.
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I thought the sarcasm was obvious.

I wasn't trying to be hurtful, just poking fun at you for a comment on one of my own maps from 2 years ago. But in hindsight I can see that my comment is unnecessary and detractive.

So, sorry. I take it back. You made some sweet maps btw.


...really? you comment on a map that i made 2 years ago just to say that you make bigger maps than me?...

...every once in a while i pop on this website to see if anyone has commented on any of my maps recently and for about an entire year no one said anything lol. then i get your negativity...

...thank you sir...

Thanks for playing.

Pretty fast AGD.
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loving it 5aved

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i sort of like this a little maybe

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Showcase AGD.

It's the simple pleasures that keep bringing me back.
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