Eschers Hell

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Author Nphasis
Tags . author:nphasis unrated
Created 2015-01-05
Last Modified 2015-01-05
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be in the game, not out of it


out of the game

hey man!

where are you? I'd like to collab with ya D:

and to have a laser going back and forth across the exit lol

don't want to hog the comments but just realised it would've made sense to put in 4 gates switches and the ones at the top would open the opposite side. (so if the player chooses to do an sr then they would have to go back down past the exit button)

(finished the edit. For the record I think your original looks a bit better but having made it harder I felt it needed gates and the bounceblocks are to make up for the taken out gauss)

Really good!

(Maybe I should stop saying casual run when I only seem to make casual runs lately) So yep I really like the gameplay the way it is and I'm guessing you're not going to put out different versions of this map with other enemies, so I made one with thwumps cause I fancied thwumps giving you credit (u can search ur name or this nmap number in N2)

wow plays fun too. casual run on nreality


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