new snow falling

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Author Sunset
Tags action author:sunset unrated
Created 2015-01-06
Last Modified 2015-01-06
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Description ieieqieoeweoeee

edit: wasn't possible in nreality for some reason; i don't use nreality so i didn't know. my bad

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The pseudo-launch pads or whatever they are are a little unforgiving with the overhead mines and the gauss. It doesn't take long to recognise they launch differently based on velocity, but still they are pretty unpredictable and I thought the mines and gauss were too punishing for that.

I totally disliked the thwumps and doors clusterfuck in the bottom section and never understood why I had to run along that long section every time I started over. It is simply quirkiness for the sake of quirkiness and doesn't add anything to the map. You didn't integrate it into the gameplay of the map beyond wasting time each playthrough. Never did like these filler starting sections.

AGD attempt

that'll teach me to trust unpredictable mechanics :|
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I think it wasn't a thing about v1.4 or NReality version, but about userlevels (NReality or v1.4 indifferently but userlevels) or playing on Ned. I think Sunset was playing directly on Ned and that was why. I can remember some glitches or weird starts that used weird glitches that did not work playing in userlevels but in Ned. Also it was something about control keys and having the spacebar as jump and starting to play with spacebar (in userlevels).


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oh lol nreality

i don't use nreality. that's weird though, that this doesn't work in nreality, but it does in 1.4... didn't know
Because it's definitely not possible in N-reality
it's completely possible
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It's impossible to do right now. I instantly get launched into mine and die.