The Wishing Well

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Author IodineEnvy
Tags action author:iodineenvy featured jumper unrated
Created 2015-01-07
Last Modified 2015-01-07
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Description Semi-jumper/action.
Mildly refined. I don't think it's too tedious.

This map was featured on 2015-12-27

Back when I joined NUMA, I favourited just about every map I played. Then, sometime in July, I grew weary of having so many favourited maps, so I thinned the ranks. This one survived.

I did another purge in late September. A couple of maps were axed. This one survived again.

Looking at it now, the reason is clear. It's intricately constructed, aesthetically pleasing and challenging throughout, yet never frustrating and complete with some impeccable enemy placement that makes it one of 2015's standout maps.

With that, to 2016 and hopefully many maps of this quality! Don't disappoint me, folks. — lifdoff

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The mine/floorguard middle portions were great, but the lasers might as well have not been there and the bottom optional area didn't feel worth it for that little gold.

Oh man.

I really sucked as a player back in January.

Here's an improved AGD.
Demo Data
I was thinking either get rid of the floorguard, replace it with a mine, or just make another way to get to the door without going past the floorguard. That way someone who is going for an AGD will usually go there for a quicker route, and if they want a casual run they can go past the thwump on the left side. []

Anyway, thats just my idea, feel free to change it up. I think the maps pretty much done, though I'm not sure if there should be something more at the top.

Took a while, sorry
I was just really stumped, and didn't now what to add/edit. I'm still not sure what to do at the starting area.


feel free to use.


I'd love to collab. Doesn't have to be on that map, either - I'm open to anything.

(Also I kinda already made a map with those tiles. Only waiting on Fraxtil's approval to post it, incidentally. :P)

That last laser says don't just hang out. Keep moving.

This was fun.

Not sure about the laser drone that you release at the end. It doesn't really do much. Other than that, this was really cool though. Challenging, but not frustrating.

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