golfkid's moral dilemma

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Author Sunset
Tags author:sunset collab jumper jumper-puzzle unrated
Created 2015-01-10
Last Modified 2015-01-10
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
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Description collab with lifdoff

<lifdoff> plus i already subbed a jumper today
<Sunset> title?
<Sunset> hm, true
<golfkid> Plus if Sunset subs I don't feel a moral obligation to play it :P
<Sunset> lol
<golfkid> How about that fora title?
<lifdoff> don't lie to yourself :D
<golfkid> 'Moral Obligation'
<Sunset> 'golfkid's moral dilemma', lifdoff?
<lifdoff> yes, i like that!
<golfkid> no no, don't involve me with it
<lifdoff> that way he
<Sunset> hehehehehe
<lifdoff> 'll be forced to play it because it has his name in the title
<lifdoff> :D

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I guess I'll never like jumper maps

First try AGD

Did I run out of time? I don't know. Pleasantly forgiving despite the difficult corner jumps.
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was that

on irc? :D
there's some really cool jumps in this map
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But still not enough to make me crack :) Its all about the principle of the thing, you understand.


Atrocious AGD below.
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He'll crack sooner or later.
On moral grounds, I refuse to play this map.