You're Too Aimless

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Author 1211
Tags author:1211 bestof1211 collab featured lifdoff playable puzzle rated
Created 2015-01-11
Last Modified 2015-05-16
by 29 people.
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Description Collab with lifdoff

This map was featured on 2016-10-24

This map employs a crew of arrows to tell you where, or where not, to go. Without watching any demos try to figure this one out. It isn't that hard, but it isn't trivial. The concept is unusually clever in this one, and it deserves to be seen at least once more.

Keep mapping, mate! — DaggaFork

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sub 300 may be possible
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...PALEMOON is still just as immature as ever... lel

does it point to where my BUTT is lmao

Thanks! <3

This was only made with 3 edits from what I remember. lifdoff started with the tiles, I put the doors and switches, and he finished with the gold and other stuff.
It is impressive to see tiles and objects so integrated with each other.
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but which maps in particular? nreality loads the images from the client so if they aren't loading them it's probably the client's fault but if you can give me some examples of maps where the images aren't loading i can be more specific in finding out where things are going wrong, thanks



I remember you as well. We've made a collab once, didn't we?


really enjoyed finding that AGD. Veyyy niiccee
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an easy 5 for the idea alone.

Very clever

I made a tileset once with the exact same pattern but could not get it to work gameplay-wise. This is very well done. 5

Nice puzzle!

Good-looking and fun.
Your almost up to 600 maps!
Anything big planned?
Great map you two. Very solid and clever!

I managed to get all but two of the gold clusters.
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The puzzle was really straightforward, but it is stylish.
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This is super cool

Massive style points. The puzzle ain't too shabby either!

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I don't think enemies would have detracted anything but it's really too solidly made to complain, I like it a lot.

told you, lifdoff gonna rule over numa soon
Can I be proud of this? :D
I don't think I've ever seen something like this before.
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creative and fun maps, I envy you. this one's clever!


Great map

Took some time figuring out how to get an AGD, but it took me more time improving my run.
I'm pretty happy with this demo.
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Also for those who dig this stuff: progress [].

excellent map

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Try figuring this out before watching the demo people.


lifdoff's demo
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