With The Current

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Author ~Orpheus~
Tags author:~orpheus~ featured jumps rated tile tileset usable
Created 2015-01-14
Last Modified 2015-01-14
by 12 people.
Map Data

Description Dead Fish

This map was featured on 2015-07-20

Is this guy a multi-accounter? Probably.

Do I care? Not one bit, because this is one of the greatest tilesets that I have ever laid my eyes upon. Looking at it, it comes together in an image more evocative and atmospheric than any image map could ever accomplish.

The scattered skeletal remains, the lone hook that may have been its demise, the sad weeds among which the creature lies; together, they form something otherworldy, something astonishing.

Beauty doesn't need tons of colours or shape. Sometimes, only the most basic shapes and a uniform grey are enough. — lifdoff

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Zorn-esque in its compostion; gripping in gameplay. (I see that RD has noted the same thing.) Thank you, lifdoff, for bringing this map to my attention.
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so well designed. the seaweed is great


Not first try, but still fastest so far.
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First try AGD.

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Not very surprising

I'm terrible at jumper maps and I didn't tried really hard.


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Twice faster than jirka. :'D :p
Btw, nice map. Welcome to NUMA! :)
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well ill have a think then :)


Not everything has to be a jumper. I'm just partial to them, so maybe that's why I immediately thought of one. Then again, looking at the comments, I'm hardly the only one.

But I wouldn't change this. Though if you make a jumper or three in the future, I'd be happy. :D

d'you think

i should make it not possible to go under the fish?
If it weren't possible to go under the fish, you'd have yourself an impeccable jumper.
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Oh my...

I feel silly.
Never noticed you can go under the fish, hahaha.


Gorgeous map. Didn't look that fun (I'm not int jumpers), but I actually loved it. Nice easy jumps, but you can do them really smoothly in any number of orders. Well done, sir.

Van: Did you realize you can go under the fish? Totally missed that till I watched jirka's demo.... sigh. I almost got up the right side, too!

welcome to NUMA~

we're a small but friendly bunch. keep mapping and enjoy your stay~
There's about 240,000 maps on NUMA so it's common for different maps to look similar. Besides, all maps have their own unique touch.
I think this map is great with some super sweet tiles. I just cant figure out how to get up the fish skeleton after getting the door key, though I blame that on my skills as a player and not on the map.

oh dear

i realise i may have stumbled into a rather overmapped theme :P
Reminds me of this one:
sort of reminds me of this map []

haha thanks :)
Easily a 5/5 and a favourite.

Also, expect people to say things like "No way you're new! Your maps are too good for that!", it's been happening to me. Just take it as a compliment and don't let it worry you too much. :D