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Author lifdoff
Tags action author:lifdoff blacklef drones gauss laser rated
Created 2015-01-14
Last Modified 2015-01-14
by 7 people.
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Description Collab with my sexy co-European blacklef [] that has the "heavy blacklef style and light lifdoff finese". Progress. []

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End was close, nice map. Drone timer was hardest thing in AGD.
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i really liked all the different aspects of the map. i loved all the mine and enemy placement :)

Thanks everyone!

I wasn't too sure about the drone race, but we kept it in. Your comments seem to be telling me that that was the right thing to do. :)


A bit too tough for the likes of me, but the construction of this is impeccable. I'm always impressed when people can use lasers effectively; this guy never makes you wait around at all. The pathing was great, and the drone race was just icing.

Neat map

I really like how the laser can pretty much see you where ever you are.


Picked up that one that you missed.

Tricked me first time I made it to the exit area, didn't realize the drones made a timer to finish after releasing them. Clever :)
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Couldn't be botherd to correct that.
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